Monday, April 12, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Car donations for Cancer

Hi. Welcome to our new blog for car donations for cancer. Cancer is one the leading causes of death in the country and chances are that you know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. Scientists are scrambling to discover a cure for cancer. We have treatments such as chemotherapy that has some success. However, chemo treatments are sometimes more unpleasant than the illness itself. Research to find a cure for cancer is funded by donations. Thousands of US citizens have donated their car to various charities across the country. The most reputable charity, Cars Fighting Cancer has accepting thousands of cars. We are always accepting 0car donations. We even are giving away free IPOD's or Visa Cards to people who donate their car. In addition, every car donation is eligible for a tax deduction. Your donation could save a life! Donate your running or non-running car today to!